Sides and Salads | Vegetarian

Carrots with Feta and Sage

Sage is the herb that grows best in my garden, it’s available nearly all year round and grows all the time. However, for some reason it gets overlooked – I usually choose thyme, oregano or parsley to garnish my dishes. Recently, when I was out at a local restaurant, I had a butternut squash risotto […]

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Pancakes | Vegetarian

Sweet Potato and Chickpea Pancakes

Usually I serve these pancakes with grilled fish, sweet chili sauce and steamed vegetables (or salad depending on the time of year). This time, I fancied a lighter option for dinner, so I had the pancakes with fresh salad and avocado sauce, which I made for the first time.  I was really happy with the sauce which was very tasty. I […]

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